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Christmas Tree Buying Guide

Setting Up a Christmas Tree
There are few better traditional festive moments not influenced by a Real Christmas Tree


Once you've chosen that this year you will look to purchase a real Christmas tree, you open yourself up to a diverse range of trees, shapes and sizes.

We've created this Buying Guide​ to help you on your journey to picking the perfect Christmas Tree, and to bring as much of our tree picking process home.

Real VS Artificial

There often arises the debate between buying a Real Tree for the more conventional Artificial or Plastic Tree. We've set out our list of advantages for why nothing comes close to the feel of a Real Quality Christmas Tree:

​The Real, Traditional Choice

​Fills your home with a Rich, Festive Fragrance

Contrary to popular belief, needle retention means less mess

Available in a vast array of sizes and shapes

Individual meaning each tree, including yours is unique

Biodegradable and the more Eco-Friendly choice

Temporary nature allows to change your style and size each year

Extremely Easy to dispose of

Supports local growers and farmers in your area, not large manufacturers.

Tree Variations

At Real Irish Trees, we offer 3 varieties of Quality Real Christmas Trees:

The Noble Fir, The Nordmann Firr and The Fraser Fir

Each variety of tree is unique and is better suited to some areas then other, which is why it is important to make sure you choose the right tree for you. Here, we break down the various characteristics of each variety.

The Noble Fir

The Noble Fir is an extremely popular non-shed tree. It originates in the Western part of North America. They offer a beautiful dense green colour, a famous festive scent and fantastic needle retention.

The Nordmann Fir (Best Seller)

The Nordmann Fir is another extremely popular tree, that originates in the mountain ranges within Eastern Europe and Western area. They are generally known for their neat symmetrical shape and bright green colours. They are typically lighter than their counterparts. It too is a non-shed tree with excellent needle retention. It's strong branches are great for large ornaments and they generally are less fragrant than their counterparts.

The Fraser Fir

The Fraser Fir is another best seller in Ireland, and it originates in the Southeastern United States of America. It's known for its strong festive fragrance, dark green colour and strong limbs, which makes it a fantastic choice for holding ornaments. It is generally considered a "classic" looking Christmas Tree and like the others, has a fantastic needle retention.

Shapes and Sizes

As well as our diverse range of Christmas Tree varieties, it is important to note that each tree also comes in a vast array of shapes and sizes that can suit any environment or home.


We offer all of Christmas Tree varieties in heights ranging from 3ft (.91 metres) to 12ft (3.65 metres). The standard tree height to fit an average ceiling generally rests around the 7ft-8ft mark and thus are our most popular sizes.


Like heights, all of our tree varieties come in 3 categories of width: Standard, Wide or Narrow


Our Narrow Varieties are slightly thinner than the other two sizes and is perfect for compact spaces.


The Standard variety is the traditional or classic width and is the most famous and popular size of Christmas Tree. It boasts a strong width and grabs the attention of a room.


For large spaces, we also offer a Wide size, which boasts a superior width and requires plenty of space. Generally used for large, open areas such as halls or outdoor settings.

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