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Collecting Christmas Tree
We are a group of Local Growers striving to support a safe Christmas 2020

Welcome To Real Irish, the only place to purchase Real, Quality Grown Irish Christmas Trees. We specialise in 3 Main Varieties of Christmas Tree: Nordmann, Fraser and noble fir with countless shapes and sizes available to suit your very needs.

In perhaps the most turbulent time in recent history, we knew that we had to pivot. With one of the uncertain Christmas periods approaching, taking the appropriate measures to ensure convenience and safety in our business became necessary. The need for an Online Delivery platform became apparent and so Real Irish Trees was born. Our name is as simple as our site, and our purpose.

We are the only grower-run platform that can deliver nationwide. We achieved this by curating a vast array of growers in every corner of the emerald isle.

We'll soon be creating a page for you to meet some of our incredible growers, but for now, why not check out some of their trees?

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